What types of automatic pet feeders are there?

Pet Food

Pricing rich feeders from very cheap models to quite expensive versions. That depends on what they can do, how much work they can take from the pet owner and how much food they can contain.

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Programmable automatic feeders allow the setting of when the next serving should be given and how big it should be. Other models consist only of the cup , which is divided into several segments. As with a spice jar, there is an opening in the lid that releases one of these segments per ration. They work with batteries, allowing the pet owner to set when the next ration should be released . If there are several dogs or cats in the household, feeding machines can nevertheless be used – provided that the animals are chipped. Each feeder is initially set to the chip of an animal. The animal pokes its head through a wide hole to get to the food, His chip is read out. If it is the right animal, it can eat unhindered, in another animal, the bowl is covered and the animal does not approach the food. In this way, several animals can be supplied with different feed types. For cats, there are now even automatic feeders that cool wet food and save them the dry food.

The world of feeders for aquatic animals is more complex. For fish, there are machines that can be used in the aquarium and in the pond. They are filled with dry feed and release it depending on the setting. So that they can do this, these feeders are all battery operated . For fish that only feed on live food such as plankton, there are also feeders that can be filled to make sure the food reaches the fish alive. Terrarium reptiles often also need live food, such as worms . For these there are special feederswhere there is a grid or floor with fine holes, so that the worms do not just slip onto the ground at feeding time. Instead, they wind down and the reptile can stand under the machine to pull it out. Many reptiles need it because they refuse to eat dead food or do not eat it unless they get the feeling that they have to hunt it first.

Farm animals such as cows or horses also have feeders , which they feed , for example, when they spend the day and night out in the pasture. They are intended to provide the animals with supplemental or concentrated feed. Such a feederof course has a much larger capacity than the variant for a pet. In addition, you can not set how much food each individual animal should get. However, they save the owner of the animals, only to feed to pasture to drive, if the animals are to stay there for a long time. They could also be used indoors, but are rarely used there. A bucket or trough must be attached to them, because they do not have their own device for the food. They are similar to a silo and are powered by electricity.

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