Cannabis has health benefits for your pets, too

Pets are like family members to people. Aside from companionship, they provide us with a number of health benefits, including reduced stress levels, emotional support, self-esteem, and so on. As pet owners, we have the responsibility to keep them healthy and safe. One of the emerging trends in pet healthcare is the use of cannabis in their medical needs. To assuage any worries, it is legal and it does not get your pets high, thanks to the use of hemp.


Hemp, a variant of the cannabis plant, which has a myriad of health benefits not only for humans but also for animals. Unlike marijuana, hemp is legal in the United States and several companies have emerged offering hemp-derived products. Hemp is rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and only has 0.3 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main ingredient that has psychoactive effects. In contrast, marijuana contains up to 15 percent of THC. This makes hemp-derived CBD safe for your pets’ consumption, without worrying that they may get high. It should be noted though that there are rare instances that pets experience severe side effects, such as excessive itchiness or mild vomiting, in which case you should stop giving them cannabis.


Many pet parents around the world are using CBD products to maintain or improve the overall well-being of their animal companions. CBD has been touted to provide aid in many ailments in animals, such as anxiety, inflammation, aggression, joint pain, and surgical procedures, among others. There is even an ongoing research on the efficacy of CBD for the treatment of canine epilepsy, which is funded by the Canine Health Foundation.


“With the changing public perception of Cannabis, it is time that we put science behind the stories and claims. We need to know if this drug is safe and if it works,” said Dr. Stephanie McGrath, a veterinary neurologist at Colorado State University.


Dogs Naturally Magazine said that the safest way to use CBD for your pets is to find a product that is specifically formulated for them. One of the United States’ reputable suppliers of CBD hemp products for pets is Diamond CBD.


Diamond CBD products include Pet CBD Food for dogs and cats, and Medipets CBD oil for pets, which you only need to add to your pets’ food, water or treats. While the company’s pet products are specifically designed for house pets, other animals are also reportedly benefitting from them, including birds, reptiles and horses. Just use the dosage based on the size and condition of your animals.


The company uses pure and all-natural CBD and the finest natural ingredients in developing its pet CBD products. Purity is one of the main consideration when choosing a CBD product to ensure that it is safe and free from harmful chemical additives. At Diamond CBD, quality is never compromised. Its process involves choosing the premium organically grown hemp plant and extracting CBD using Supercritical Extraction. The extracts are also lab-tested to ensure consistent quality and purity.

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