Signs That You Might Be a Pet Parent

Are you obsessed with your pet? Is your pet your whole world? Do you work just so your pet can have a better life? If any of these ring true with you than you may be a ‘pet parent’ verses just a ‘pet owner’. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with either label. Pet owners don’t mind leaving their pet at home while they travel because they figure the pet would be happier at home anyways. Where a pet parent will not leave the pet at home because they would be unhappy with out the pet around. As long as you are caring for your four legged creature than you are a good person. With that being said however, pet parents tend to be a little on the ‘crazy’ side. According to an article on how to spot a pet parent there are some pretty obvious signs that will tell you that you are a pet parent. Some of the signs that you are a pet parent versus a owner include: they are allow on the furniture and have their own furniture as well, pets are part of your holiday rituals, they have first and middle names, they sleep in your bed, you actual understand their language, you have more pictures of the pets than your human family members, have taken them to get photos with Santa, you have full conversations with them, and you celebrate their birthday. In another article you could be something worse than a pet parent but a helicopter pet parent. The article goes on to say that if you avoid vacuuming because you pet does not like it or plan your vacation around places that accepts pets than you might be a helicopter pet parent.



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